50 Reasons to Consider Buying a Home Instead of Renting an Apartment

February 22, 2018 by Fred
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Buying a home has both financial and practical advantages. In the current housing market in Texas rent prices are rising by leaps and bounds. This often makes rent prices higher than a monthly mortgage payment on a more spacious home of your own.


If you plan to live in the area for a few years, it’s a great idea to buy a home. This list highlights the reasons that buying a house is better than renting an apartment.

  1. Parking garages and parking tickets

  2. Rising rent prices

  3. Better Schools

  4. Fewer moving vans

  5. Quite neighborhoods vs. busy streets

  6. Having a real garden

  7. Investing in property instead of building another persons wealth

  8. Backyard barbecues

  9. Neighbors who care for the community

  10. Tax deductions for homeowners

  11. Space

  12. Laundry room

  13. Fitness space

  14. Home office

  15. Guest bathroom

  16. Playing hide-and-go-seek or building a backyard fort

  17. Guest bedroom

  18. More storage

  19. Outdoor space

  20. Pantry

  21. Space for a dining table big enough for guests

  22. Having guests over for holidays and parties

  23. Noisy neighbors

  24. The busy restaurant/bar downstairs

  25. Roommates

  26. The unreliable security gate

  27. Shared mail room vs. private mail box

  28. Home loan financing for as little as 5% or 3.5% down

  29. Landlords

  30. Leasing office notifications and frustrations

  31. No Trash Chute

  32. Elevators and stairwells

  33. Privacy

  34. No sharing air space with neighbors who cook smelly food

  35. Smokers standing around the building entrance

  36. Being able to refinance as your financial goals change

  37. Unannounced repairmen vs. being able to choose a repair man

  38. More windows and natural light

  39. Pet rent and pet fees in apartments

  40. A front porch swing

  41. Backyard oasis

  42. New technologies: cameras, sound systems, and doorbells

  43. Home Equity

  44. a Fireplace

  45. Painting the walls

  46. Decorating and making the space your own

  47. Updating

  48. A place for your bicycle

  49. Going green with new light bulbs and other energy efficient choices

  50. Pride as a home owner


If you are ready to buy a home, we are ready to help you reach your goals. In previous blog posts we have outlined how to get started as a first time home buyer and how to make a strong offer.

Start the conversation about buying a home with our expert mortgage team today.




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