25 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

March 8, 2018 by Fred
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In your home there are simple ways that you can move toward being more eco friendly. Some ways of being more “green” involve changing habits, and others involve choosing better alternatives to every day products.

This list gives you a few easy changes that you can make to create a more eco friendly home:

Create Less Waste

  1. Recycle: glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, batteries, clothes and shoes.
  2. Compost
  3. Don’t flush “wipes” that clog sewage systems
  4. Replace paper towels with washable cotton towels.
  5. Choose reusable water bottles
  6. Filter your tap water for drinking
  7. Buy less packaged foods and more fresh foods
  8. Reusable shopping bags

Conserve Energy

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures on the thermostat
  2. Turn off the TV when you aren’t watching it.
  3. Change to energy efficient light bulbs
  4. Using cold water wash your clothes saves energy
  5. Wash more clothes per load
  6. Unplug the toaster and other small appliances when you aren’t using them
  7. Hang dry cotton shirts, jeans, and dresses to help them last longer and conserve energy
  8. Vacuum the dryer vent every 3 months.
  9. Turn off the pilot light in your gas fireplace during the warm months
  10. Replace the shower head with a more conservative fixture
  11. Unplug more often… try playing board games with family, go hiking, or volunteer in the community.

Find Green Solutions

  1. Use natural insect repellents
  2. Choose natural cleaners over chemical cleaners
  3. Plant a vegetable garden
  4. Indoor plants can improve the quality of the air in your home more than you might think
  5. Use lightweight reusable bamboo utensils and casual dinner ware instead of plastics
  6. Organize your pantry with reusable storage containers for dry goods

Big investments in an eco friendly home like installing solar panels, rain water systems, or becoming “zero waste” are not easy investments or changes to make for everyone. That is why we created a list of simple ways that home owners can be more environmentally friendly.

Small efforts to create less landfill waste, conserve energy and resources, and find green solutions can add up. As more households make an effort the results can have an exponential effect on the environment.


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